Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cinta Antara Chelsea,Terry & Ibrahimovic

Main character :

the English unicorn (John Terry)

and an awkward giraffe (Zlatan Ibrahimovic).

    * Once upon a time.
    * A girl named Chelsi loved unicorns.
    * Her favourite unicorn of them all was the English unicorn.
    * He was made of rainbows, cupcakes and he loved to snuggle with Chelsi.
    * Chelsi loved to snuggle with the English unicorn too.
    * But one day he accidentally poked her with his horn.
    * Chelsi bruised like a peach and a single tear started to roll silently down Chelsi’s cheek.
    * Then came the awkward giraffe and wiped away the single tear.
    * The awkward giraffe then offered Chelsi a ride on his back.
    * Chelsi giggled and accepted the offer.
    * As the awkward giraffe ran off into the sunset with Chelsi, the English unicorn was left behind and felt a great sorrow spread in his heart.
    * Chelsi had almost forgotten all about the English unicorn when suddenly a rainbow appeared.
    * She bit her lip and remember her true love.
    * So then Chelsi asked the awkward giraffe to bring her back to the English unicorn.
    * The awkward giraffe did as Chelsi asked, and brought her back.
    * When the English unicorn looked up into the sunset and saw Chelsi, he smiled wide.
    * Once again his love was with him.
    * And then Chelsi and the English unicorn walked off into the horizon and never looked back.
    * And they lived happily ever after.
    * The end. :3

What a masterpiece.
credit to Chelsianne

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